We are building a platform for artists, musicians, and fans to have a virtual experience together. What started as an idea on the intersection of two streets has quickly transformed into a well-crafted concept ready for delivery. Life is all about experience and the ability to share your experience with others. We hope OjeVerse will take that a step further and give you a space to build on these experiences with a community who shares a passion for the arts.

Welcome to the future of art and music. Welcome to OJE Token.

OJE Token will be the native currency in OJEverse. In the OJEverse you will be able to buy land plots. When you buy and plot you'll be able to build whatever you want. Tour the OJEverse at your own leisure, place bids on NFTs, or just browse.

At the core of the OJEverse we will have a central hub which will contain an auction house where you can sell your NFTs and music to the highest bidder (in game). There will be a marketplace outside game as well. Our Marketplace will simplify the NFT creation process and enable you to list your NFTs on any Block Chain and in any Marketplace.

Think of the OJEverse as the "Amazon" of art NFT marketplaces and the "SoundCloud" of music NFT marketplaces. All within a metaverse that can facilitate this in game as well as options for outside of game. That is our goal.

In the OJEverse, you will be able to talk to anyone you want in your native language. Every conversation will be force translated into your own language. So if you have a conversation with somebody in Japan, you will be speaking to him in Japanese and he will be speaking to you in English, if that is their preferred language.

OJE Token will launch on October 15th at 4:20am UTC on Uniswap. Liquidity will be locked using Unicrypt at launch.

We want all to feel included and free to communicate in the OJEverse. Join us.

Here's what makes OJE so exciting!

Fair Launch

95% supply Fair Launch on October 15th at 4:20 AM UTC.


5% of supply will be allocated to the team and frozen for 420 years.


14% fee on buys and sells to fuel redistribution and the project.


7% of transactions will be redistributed to holders directly in ETH.


4% will go to the marketing and development wallet to promote Oje.


3% will go to the buyback wallet to help support the growth of Oje.

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